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Instrument & Music Helpers

Click on the links below for some theory games and other very helpful and creative ways to work on your note reading and instrument fingerings.There are even some activities for percussionists to work on their rudiments.

Music Racer - Improve your note reading, your fingerings, and musical terms with this interactive game.
Note Trainer - You can use this trainer to help you learn notes better. Click "Settings" to move from treble to bass clef.
Note Reading Drill - This is similar to the trainer from but has a timer and is good for practicing reading notes more quickly.
Online Music Theory Flash Cards - Learn note names on the music staff with these interactive flashcards.
Ricci Adams' Music Theory - This theory site has step by step lessons to help you understand the music staff, clefs, ledger lines, note durations, rest durations, time signatures, dots and ties, accidentals, sharps and flats.

Brass Trainer - Brass players use this trainer to practice your fingerings! Click "Set instrument" to change your instrument and "Set Range" to make the level easy or hard.

Woodwind Fingering Charts- Woodwind players can find detailed fingering and trill charts.

Vic Firth Education - Percussionist can find detailed information about the snare drum, rudiments, keyboards, drum set and timpani at this site.
Keyboard Trainer - Percussionist use this to help you name the notes on the bells and xylophone.

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